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6 March 2022

Home Décor

I watch a lot of Jordan Peterson YouTubes and listen to a lot of his podcasts – it is what it is.

Last week, one of his videos covered this idea that people are too afraid to step outside the box within their home décor. I’m not even 100% certain the topic of the discussion, but this was one of Peterson’s examples of – essentially – being mind-caged. It really got me thinking…about my own décor.

Brian and I have never been the kind of people who really give a shit what anyone thinks of our house. We choose items for our space that suit our interests and taste; that is to say, as two fairly colorful characters, our home is full of color.

This past week, Brian was in Colorado Springs for a leadership conference. When he returned home, I just was thinking, you know, I want our home to be a place he’s glad to return to…so I asked him, “Do you feel happy and restored when you come home?” Now, of course, the people in the home matter to any given response, here. I’m well aware of that. However, the question plagued me nevertheless. His response: “I love coming home. It’s comfortable. It’s happy here. I find it reinvigorating.”

So, whatever makes a house a home is most certainly the people – as much as a church – however, even the décor could not be what it is without those people. Between the two of us, Brian and I have worked so hard to choose items and arrangements within our home that bring us joy. Of course, my eclectic tastes (which jive well with his) have always existed – even in the early days – even when underdeveloped, tacky, and obscure. Yet, we’ve reined it in – we’ve honed it – over the years.

Our preferences tend toward the colorful – toward light play and excitement. In terms of palates, we have really none. Yet if you must indicate one, I’d say it’s teal, buttercup, and crimson. I figured, just for fun, that I’d go ahead and share it here with you. More than anything else, I’d categorize our style, as a couple, to be playful.


~meg vlaun

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