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A Solstice Solace

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

7 October 2021: A Solstice Solace

autumn’s whisper wooed

in scraping leaves riding

tips of fingered breeze

to waft ripe decomposition

from earth through laughing trees

on fire amidst transition

…and this is what she said to me…

“Sweet child of soil

beholden by the gift

to toil your days

upon this sphere –

don’t fear!

Though winter’s solemn steps

we hear, heavy-clad,

approaching near,

in my chromatic chaos,

please find solace.

Sun may wane, snow

pelt your pane,

and in year’s darkest hour –

you lament…

But deep, deep down,

from whence you came

nestled at the Mother’s breast,

the fire is banked,

in measured burn,

to be rekindled

by spring’s tread.

All that changes is not dead.”

then with a bittersweet caress

she touched my cheek,

kissed my neck,

and gamboled with wan sun

as he led west

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