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by design, i believe

1 May 2022

by design, i believe

(penned on a plane home from Scotland)

Why was I designed

to absorb to my core

the emotions

of people

the essence of events

of things

in my midst?

Why does the world come at me

so loud, so wild, so scorched, so intense?

If it is, it has purpose.

I believe – a leap of faith.

Best to move through it –

embrace it, seek its limits,

explore its offerings

both new and old.

Not many are similarly blessed –

or cursed.

Whether it is

whispered leaves of trees,

dew on tulip’s tongue,

ballet of particles

aloft above hot water



arduous despair

of unrequited love,

love discovered too late

succumbing, desperate, to fate.

In those moments, I am.

I will always be,

for through these moments

I become me.

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