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cloudy sandia - a haiku

19 May 2023

cloudy sandia -- a haiku

Here is the Daily Pages excerpt from which this haiku was generated:

Clouds slink down Sandia, cloaking her in places, revealing her in places: a peep show. On her back-laying face, mist descends to the bridge of her nose…tip and nostrils just barely breathing, just barely un-suffocated, an upside-down sideways vapor near-drowning. Will she go under/over, or will her airways remain unblocked? Only one way to know...I will bear witness. Not that I could save her. Not that mother earth and sister mountain ever require saving. Instead, she faces with peace, no flinching, what comes, as it were intended—and okay.

Here are a few early stabs at it:

clouds slink down her face

her nostrils she won’t stopper

she is unafraid

clouds engulf her face

drowning does not frighten her

she welcomes all fates


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