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7 August 2022


This happened on my run yesterday: I startled a flock of pigeons into flight, and they weaved before me in airborne synchronization like a C-130 – or a kite. It was cool. I know y’all have seen this before with birds…homing pigeons, starling swarms. We see it with fish too, obviously, and even herds of quadruped mammals. These links are invisible yet visible; we know there is a connection because we can see the pattern in the flock or school. But the same links exist for everything, really, even if it is just cause/effect. From the way a plant grows when watered to the way a child feels ashamed when a parent scolds – just because we cannot see it does not dismiss interconnection. I think this is how some define Karma. It’s not something magical; it’s literal, even if intangible.

Be kind. Be mindful.


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