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let go

31 May 2022

let go

…and then the universe

said to me,

“your fear is greater

than the challenge”

Yesterday, my husband and I went for a ride on our mountain bikes. The trail was far more technical than either of us suspected. It was narrow, windy, precarious. It was rocky sometimes; at others, it was gravelly.

One moment, I sat, perched on my seat, feet planted on the earth, fingers gripping my brakes. I stared at a one-foot drop off the rock before me, quaking in fear. Beyond that drop was gravel, which was chancy, I knew. The descent beyond that was steep. But just ten yards past that, the trail widened and leveled off. It became packed dirt. My mind knew that letting go completely would result in a bumpy but secure landing on that packed dirt. Still, my heart quaked in fear.

Then, the universe spoke to me. She whispered, “Your fear is greater than this challenge.” In that moment, I knew she was right. I also knew that her words applied well beyond my mountain-biking adventure that day: what is holding you back? What do you really fear? Is your fear equal to the challenge you face? If not, why should you let it hold you back?

You only live once. There is no time to hesitate in this snapshot of a life. Go. Let go. Do the thing that terrifies you; you will find that the challenge was worthwhile – that your fear was unwarranted.


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