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Let's Stay Time

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

16 September 2021

Let's Stay Time

Take my hand and stroll with me

down the narrow winding streets

that populate the labyrinth of my mind.

Things are not straightforward here

where near is far and far is near,

and midst the deepest darkness,

I find light.

The safest aspect of this space

lies in the natural laws it breaks:

what’s right is wrong,

and wrong is sometimes right.

What’s up is down,

there’s hope in frowns,

and hearts are given wings

enabling flight.

But come in close here by my side

so I might stealthily confide

the reason that we ramble here, today:

of all the rules my mind can bend

I’m fondest of its strong, firm hand

that forces Father Time

to sit and stay.

Minutes, hours, days may pass,

speeding sand down through the glass,

without my ever pondering the clock.

Contrariwise, milliseconds drag

sentiment-crammed saddlebags –

whose depth and breadth could

satisfy epochs.

Now, though we both see lucidly

that our seconds start to flee,

I beg: remember they need not be fleet.

What delusion, this illusion

shaped by imperfect perception;

the pendulum’s strict rhythm we can cheat!

So hit fast forward; press rewind;

touch slow motion, and we’ll find

infinity inhabits the finite!

Don’t wait!

Spend time

Waste time

Lose time

Make time

Save time

Take time

Let’s begin tonight!

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