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Ode to Sandia

It is part and parcel of my personality to absorb others’ auras and emotions. Sandia is no exception. Yesterday, Gretchen said she’s glad that I have Sandia, and I told Gretchen yes…we’re in a relationship. It will be hard to let her go.

Her moods shape mine as a human’s - or a dog’s - might. It’s magical but it’s also a little…what? Imaginative?

Once, someone I can’t understand told me I’m a little bit crazy. I said, “We all walk the line.” Truly, what would life be if we didn’t walk that line?

But my crazy - my wild - sets me free. That Sandia shares her feelings with me gives me a deep sense of comfort and faith in the interconnectedness and interdependence of all things in this universe. It reminds me of my own thick roots plunging into the earth. Even if it is mere imagination.

Crazy. Crazy. What crazy is bad if it ushers love and light into the world? If this is crazy, I would never opt for sane.

So I’ll say it again a touch louder for those in the back: if you see me daydreaming, leave me alone. I am in my happy place, romancing Sandia.

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