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Set to Music

29 September 2021: Set to Music

As a child I would envision setting my life to music – as they do in movies, Not that I felt myself special or unique, or that there was anything about my world worthy of the big screen. Rather, music turned the ordinary into extraordinary. Music made the mundane marvelous and moving. And so I wished such interest upon my benign self, just stepping off a curb, or meandering noiselessly, listlessly down a carpeted hall. Perhaps climbing onto a bus, or admitting myself into our German house,

turning an old gold key in the lock.

Running my fingers down the weeping

willow’s trails of tears…

witnessing their shift in the wind. But set to music: the opening credits of a film. This gave my normal spice – made my regular nice. I could envision each day a story with glitter, confetti. Fascination. Mystery. Purpose. Even love. Life was beautiful then. This stayed with me – always – and often crops up today. And that’s ok. I really don’t mind…

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