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shame tethering

29 June 2022

shame tethering

how to paint a straightjacket with words:

from the beginning of this horrible episode of my life,

i have felt very little support from you.

no, you were the bully

can’t you take a joke?

it was just a love-tap – it did not hurt

why do you always have to argue?

oh stop, you're fine

if you’d just tell me what i did wrong…

you’ve always been too sensitive

don’t you think there’s a hole in her heart

where her grandchildren used to be?

you’re so selfish

i actually learned within the past year that I should expect

no comfort from you.

my lesson now is that I never will.

do these words hurt? that’s your own fault;

you deserve it.

you should have tried harder.

you should have been better.

you were never enough.

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