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Tick Tock

4 September, 2021


When the hall clock halts

At ten twenty-two,

Your mind attempts some sense of it

Even when you know

It’s the battery that goes.

There’s a place and space

Right in between

Of all that’s real

And all that seems improved.

You reach, but what’s the use?

The orb spins on;

What’s here is gone,

Today, tomorrow, and beyond.

What’s in your hand is always wrong

When purpose is confused.

You play but always lose.

Dawn may convey the light of day,

Lifting shade. And healing rays

Mend lashes in the heart that breaks

Each time dream slips away…

What hope’s in store today?

Can the smaller joys suffice

When life’s muscle has been riced?

What is broken deep inside you

That you can’t be satisfied

With the packet in your pocket?

Where does resolution lie?

Manifesting takes some time…

Tick tock, tick tock;

It marches on.

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